Purair 5-24XT Fume Cabinet

In the basic fuming chamber, vapors of cyanoacrylate combine with fingerprint residues and polymerize to form a hard, whitish deposit. Once developed, such prints may either be photographed without further treatment, may be enhanced by dusting with powders for subsequent lifting by tape or stained with dyes.
The fume extractor is a self-contained cyanoacrylate filtration system that connects directly to the Laboratory Fuming Chambers via the inlet port. The noxious odors and fumes inside the chamber are drawn through a >99% efficient filtering system comprised of a HEPA Filter and an activated Filter.

  • Product Features:

    A. Heating Elements: Multiple heating elements, operating independently or simultaneously, allow for safe accelerated cyanoacrylate development of latent prints.

    Purair Basic lab fume hood features

    BLC - 6.5 and BLC - EX


    B. Door: The heater elements are self-limited for precise surface temperatures and a large clear front door panel allows for close monitoring of latent print development.

    C. Inlet Ports: Two inlet ports will accommodate accessories such as the optional Fume Extractor, portable humidifier, and standard fuming wands.

    D. Blower: The unit is equipped with a low noise blower and built-in timer adjustable for up to 30 minute cycles, as well as a continuous running position.

    E. Timer: Select the extraction time needed and handle other tasks while the fume extraction unit purges harmful vapors from the chambers.

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