Refurbished Buehler Ecomet

Buehler  EcoMet® 300 Pro grinder-polisher with AutoMet® 300 power head. New capabilities include the ability to store and recall 32 methods via touch screen controls,  The EcoMet 300 Pro/AutoMet 300 semi-automatic system, with its programmable and adjustable functions, increases consistency and repeatability, ensures better flatness and enables method optimisation compared to manual grinding. Price does not include the sample holder.

  • Machine Power 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 phase Motor Power 1Hp [750W] 
    Platen Diameter 12 inch / 300mm
    Platen Wheel Speed 10-500rpm in 10rpm increments 
    Wheel Direction Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise 
    Water Supply Hose 0.25in [6mm] OD tube 
    Water Supply Pressure 40-100psi [25-60bar]
    Base Power Usage 1.1kW, 9.6/4.8A @ 115/230VAC 
    Base & Head Power Usage 1.73kW, 15/7.5A @ 115/230VAC 
    Membrane Control Panel for 250: Three 3-digit LED displays, 14 status LED’s; 
    Units: Metric or Imperial Touchscreen, Control Panel for 250 Pro Full color LCD Screen; 7in [175mm] diagonal; NEMA4 (IP65) water resistant 
    Base Sound Rating (1.5ft, 0.5m)distance no load 59.5dB @ 100rpm 
    Base & Head Sound Rating 61.5dB @ 100/30rpm Weight 100 lbs [45kg]  
    Specifications AutoMet 250 Power 
    Head Machine Power 0.156Hp [116W] Speed 30-60rpm in 10rpm increments 
    Central Specimen Force 5-60 lbs [20-260N] 
    Single Specimen Force 1-10 lbs [5-45N] 
    Central Force Specimen Capacity 1in, 1.25in, 1.5in, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and large or irregular specimens 
    Single Force Specimen Capacity 1in, 1.25in, 1.5in, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm 
    Air Supply Hose 0.25in [6mm] OD tube 
    Air Supply Pressure 35psi [2.4bar] Power Usage 630W, 5.5/2.7A @ 115/230VAC Weight 70 lbs [32kg] 

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