Refurbished Buehler Isomet 1000

The Isomet 1000 is a precision cutting saw that has been made to section various types of metal and leaving very minimal deformation.

  • The Isomet 1000 precision cutting machine is configured for flatbed cutting of samples in the form of sheet.  The system allows for feeding of small samples using the precision feed system.  Larger sheet samples can be cut and fed through by hand.  The system is complete with standard safety equipment and inbuilt recirculation tank.
  • Speed (RPM) - 100-975 Disc Size - 7inch Arbor Size - 12.7mm Vice size - N/A Coolant connection size - N/A Drain size - N/A Power - 85-265 Vac Dimensions - 515x394x305mm Weight - 25KG

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