Refurbished Nikon Epiphot

£3,311 £3,502

The Nikon Epiphot materials microscope is suitable for most applications in brightfield and reflected light metallurgical microscopy.  This microscope is suitable for image capture using a digital camera system.  The Epiphot microscope features a XY stage, a 12 volt 50 watt lamphouse and several neutral density filters in addition to blue and green. Sold as shown in photographs with M-plan  2.5x 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X  objectives.

  • The Nikon Epiphot is a super metallurgical inverted microscope. It is suitable for the observation of large components or to the give excellent stability in microscopy. The system is complete and fully service.

    35mm camera port

    Polaroid camera

    C Mount port for digital camera

    Target overlay

    Micrometer scale overlay

    Polarising filters

    Course and fine focus

    Coaxial XY stage

  • Microscope objective lenses all in very good condition with bright and even image. Mplan 2.5x - option. Mplan5x, Mplan 10x, Mplan 20x, Mplan40x !0 x eyepieces CFUW 10x

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