Metal Lab Plus

S7 Metal Lab Plus combines ease of use and high accuracy of results. Its ergonomic and innovative design has been appreciated by many Laboratories using this Metal Analyzer for several applications across all metal industry.

S7 MLP is the perfect solution able to cover multi matrix analysis requests and at the same time granting the flexibility of easy upgrade for future needs. S7 MLP is available with different configurations, able to analyse any different kind of metal alloys, ferrous and non ferrous ones: in addition a new version with upgraded CCD scientific grade is available from 2015

  • Applications:

    Iron and Steel and its alloys

    Copper and its alloys

    Nickel and its alloys

    Aluminium and its alloys

    Cobalt and its alloys

    Magnesium and its alloys

    Lead and its alloys

    Tin and its alloys

    Titanium and its alloys

    Zinc and its alloys

  • A high performance PC programmable multi frequency source unit ensures that complete spark power stability is achieved allowing a significant increase in precision and a reduction in analysis time.

    As an option, S7 MLP could be set up with optional external arm with the aim to check bigger samples in ferrous and non ferrous alloys.

    S7 MLP Key Features are listed below:

    High analytical performances

    Flexibility, stability and reliability

    Accuracy and reproducibility

    High class certified standard calibration

    High Energy Pre Spark (HEPS) source PC controlled

    Short analysis time

    High range of metal analysis

    Advanced software technology

    Intuitive software for unskilled operators

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