Struers Exotom - Automatic Abrasive Cutter

Stuers Exotom offers a high capacity 350mm abrasive cutting wheel for metallurgical cutting of all types of metal for section prior to metallurgical preparation.

The cutter utilises an exocut feature which improves cut quality and even speed up the cut. The improvement is made by reducing the area of contact between the blade and the sample to be sectioned.

The machine is having a complete overhaul and has been stripped completely and components are being checked, replaced or overhauled. Our engineers are being faithful to the original high quality build of the Struers abrasive cutting machine.


This machine has now been sold, however we do other similar machines coming in all the time, so please get in touch.

    • Exocut feature improves cut quality
    • Vices and re-circulation tank sold seperately
    • Max disc size – 350mm
    • Arbour size – 32mm
    • Max vice size – split vices 180mm
    • Coolant connection size – Optional re circulation tank
    • Drain size – Optional recirculation tank
    • Optional coolant tank size – 60 litres
    • Power – 415 volts 3 phase and earth
    • Dimensions – 660x900x1650mm
    • Weight – 390 Kg

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