Struers Rotopol 22-Rotoforce 4 Polishing machine


Central pressure - Semi-automatic grinder / polisher

RotoPol 22:
250 mm diameter grinding and polishing discs
Rotation speed 150 rpm
RotoForce 4:
Rotary speed: 8 rpm
Force setting: 5-50 N.

Can be sold with the doser or without. Doser is extra cost

  • Base: RotoPol-22

    Voltage: 220-240VAC @ 60Hz

    Phase: 3

    Power: 1260W

    HP Rating: 1.7HP

    Motor Speeds: 150RPM, 300RPM

    Rotation Direction: Anti-Clockwise

    Platen Diameter: 10"

    Number of Motors: 2

    Torque: 12.7Nm (9.4lb-ft)

    Display: 2x16 Character LC

    Controls: Touch Pads                                                                          

    Water Taps: 2

    Splash Rings: 2



    Head: RotoForce-4

    Voltage: 220VAC @ 60Hz

    Amperage: 1.3A

    Wattage: 165W

    Phases: 3

    Motor Speed: 150RPM

    Motor Horsepower: 0.12HP

    Rotation Direction: Bi-Directional

    Torque at Disc:

    Continuous: 3.9lb-ft

    Maximum: 9.5lb-ft

    Pneumatic Pressure: 73 to 95PSI

    Specimen Holder Force Range: 30-400N in 10N Steps

    Single Specimen Force Range: 5-100N in 5N steps

    Lifting Force: 20N



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