Tensile Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AC-4624

Adhesion is the tendency of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling to one another. In the field of quality testing, adhesion of coatings to the base material, such as: paints, plastic, epoxy mixtures, sprayed metal, laminate to wood and other metal and polymer coatings, is most often measured.

Tensile Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AC-4624 is a pull-off type adhesion tester for determining the adhesion strength in MPa and can be used in accordance with EN13144, ISO4624 and ISO16276-1

  • The device is very easy to use, universal, because it can be used with almost any coating, has a reliable design, which has virtually no limitations on the life of the product, and accurate as a device that measures adhesion in numerical terms.

    To determine coating adhesion, using the Tensile Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AC-4624 requires:

    1. Glue the dolly to the coating with glue (epoxy, cyacrine or other, depending on the coating).

    2. Using a special cutter, cut through the coating to limit the tested area from the main layer.

    3. After the glue is frozen, attach the adhesion trester to the dolly tightly, and turn the main screw of the device until the dolly with the coating comes off the base.

    4. Record the MPa value on the scale of the device in accordance with the dollies used.

  • Force range, kgf0-200
    Diameters of dollies, mm15,1 (ā„– 1) and 19,5 (ā„– 2)
    Scales range, MPa
    • Dolly ā„–1 up to 10 MPa (100)
    • Dolly ā„–2 up to 6 MPa (60)
    Scale, MPa1 (ā„– 1) and 2 (ā„– 2)
    • ASTM D4541
    • EN13144
    • ISO4624
    • ISO16276-1
    Weight of adhesion tester, kg, not more 1
    Dimensions of adhesion tester, mm150Ɨ70
    Dimensions of package, mmL180*W150*H100


    • Adhesion tester
    • Dollies: ā„– 1 ā€“ 3 pcs., ā„– 2 ā€“ 3 pcs.
    • Holesaw (cutter) for cutting area of testing
    • Wrench
    • Operating manual
    • Case

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