Used Arun MetalScan PolySpek Junior Optical Emission Spectrometer

The used MetalScan PolySpek Jnr desktop metals analysers offers analysis of a wide range of metal types, wavelengths 170-410nm.
MetalScan PolySpek Jnr instrument  is setup for the analysis of the non ferrous, with base metal of Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminium.

  • Visible desktop metal analyser for ferrous and non ferrous applications 

    AL-913 AL-SI-CU ALLOYS Aluminium-Silicon/Aluminium-Silicon-Copper Calibration

    AL-915 AL-MG ALLOYS Aluminium-Magnesium Calibration 

    ZN-911 ZINC ALLUMINIUM COPPER Zinc-Aluminium-Copper (2-7.5% Aluminium) Alloys Calibration

    Standardisation samples available for extra cost

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