Vacuum Impregnation System

The machine consists of a vacuum chamber, an indexing assembly, a fuselage assembly, a feed assembly, and a vacuum pump. This model can realize multi-sample setting, which can be quickly converted between each station to improve work efficiency.

  • This machine’s optimised heating and cooling system makes the setting time extremely short. And all processes from heating, holding, holding, cooling and unloading are done automatically with one click.

    Technology Parameter

    Sample Diameter




    System Pressure0-20MPa
    Cooling Range40~90 ℃
    Heating Temp.90~200 ℃
    Heating Power

    4200W  for 25,30mm


    5400W  for 40,50mm

  • Vacuum Chamber Diameterφ260mm
    Transposition Speed5r/min
    Sample Diameterφ25~50mm、
    Voltage220V or 110V

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