Vickers Hardness Tester - Mitutoyo HV110/120 System B

The Mitutoyo HV100 range Vickers hardness tester is ideal for your production and advanced testing requirements. A wide range of test forces from 1.961N to 490.3N* (.2kgf - 50kgf) is supplied using precise load system available for measuring a wide variety of materials. The load duration can be set in 1 sec increments between 5 and 99sec. The minimum reading of indentation is 0.1 of a micron. It allows small indentations to be measured with high precision using the digital ocular and LCD display box for result output and statistical analysis.

The addition of HM indent hardness tester software offers computer based measurement of indentations with simple mouse click operating and smart report function will produce proffesional reports using templates created in Microsoft Excel.

  • Specifications
    Test Force: HV112 200gf, 300gf, 500gf, 1Kgf, 2.5Kgf, 5Kgf, 10Kgf, 20Kgf
    Test Force: HV114 1Kgf, 2.5Kgf, 5Kgf, 10Kgf, 20Kgf, 30Kgf, 50Kgf
    Test Force Selection: Dial Selectable
    Load Control: Automatic (loading, duration, unloading)
    Load Duration: 5-99 Sec. (specified in 1 Sec. increments)
    Objective: 10x & 20x
    Measuring Microscope :(Total Magnification) 100x & 200x
    Minimum Reading: 0.1μm
    Optical Path: 2 Ways (Microscope/Photograph)
    Max. Sample Size (HxD): 210x170mm (8.30”x6.69”)
    Data Output: RS232C, Digimatic, Centronics
    Power Supply: 240V AC
    Machine Dimensions (WxDxH): 245x515x840mm (9.65”x20.28”x33.07”)
    Control Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 165x260x105mm (6.50”x10.23”x4.13”)
    Mass: 50Kg (105lbs)

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