Cutting Tool Inspection System

The TRACE 900 Cutting Tool Inspection System is a universal measuring machine for drills, milling cutters and counters and countersinks under flexible illuminating system. Thanks to the compact design and great stability, the TRACE 900 can be employed in the metrology laboratory, receiving inspection, or directly in production.

The TRACE 900 Cutting Tool Inspection System is configured with SMARTOOL measuring software, which makes it the best instrument for all types of metal cutting tools, starting from fast checking of single criteria, such as the outer contour or angles, to complete control of special tool geometries. Users can easily achieve a PUT-MEASURE-ANALYSE measuring process with the TRACE 900, which offers high working efficient in the cutting tools quality control application. The measurement results can be easily exported to a detailed report in excel format or a CAD file for further analyse and reverse engineering.

  • Ergonomic design and solid construction.
  • HD image capturing and display combination, also microscope magnification level is optional.
  • Stable and accurate V block fixture for easy tools holding and alignment.
  • Mechanical fixed measuring angle of 0 degree and 90 degrees are available on the rotary stage.
  • High accuracy encoder is embedded in the rotary table, offers precise angle location for users.
  • Multiple section programmable LED ring light for surface illumination, also including contour lighting and free angle
  • auxiliary light for standard features.
  • SMARTOOL measuring software offers specific measuring function for cutting tools.
  • Automatic edge detection, fast angle measurement with reticule, CAD element comparison functions are available.
  • Measuring result fast output to EXCEL file report or CAD file.
  • All-in-one PC system makes the machine more stable.