GEO Thin

GEO Thin is a table top cutting/grinding machine. GEO Thin is used for cutting and grinding samples of up to 30 microns or less.

Geo Thin series have high safety systems. Included the Door Limit Switch System in the machine ensures that the
cutting process is stopped immediately when the door is opened. Emergency Stopper is also provided along with
the Machine.

    • Cutting and Grinding up to 35 Microns or less
    • 1 HP Motor, 3 Phase
    • Cutting capacity up to 40 mm
    • 8” to 10” Diamond Cut off Blade
    • Wheel Mounting Shaft OD -12.7/25.4 mm
    • 8” Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel
    • Continuously Variable speed system 100-3000rpm
    • Cutting Action – Y Movement Manual (Longitudinal)
    • Manual X Movement (Cross Movement)

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