Buehler Metaserv 2000 Single Grinder Polisher


The Metaserv 2000 is a metallurgical polisher that is used in sample preparation. 

The machine can be used for grinding and polishing and features a flexible water feeding nozzle that has an adjustable flow rate.

This system has variable speed and has a 200mm platen. The platen can be magnetised for easy interchange of polishing pads and grinding discs.



  • Buehler Metaserv 2000 single grinder polisher




    Platen Size: 200mm

    Base speed: variable 50-500rpm  

    Water connection size: 3/4 thread

    Drain connection size: ID19mm OD25mm

    Power: 240 volt mains

    Dimensions: 70 x 34 x 34

    Weight: 34kg



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