Buehler Simplimet-2 Metallurgical Mounting Press

The SimpliMet® 2 Hydraulic Specimen Mounting Press is an affordable, durable press which requires no air. Accessory water cooling decreases specimen cycle time.

  • Hand operated hydraulic press
  • Thermostatically controlled heater and slip on mould cooler complement the unit

30mm Mould Assembly

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  • The SimpliMet® 2 Hydraulic Mounting Press brings economical specimen mounting to materials laboratories with low to medium volume sample requirements. This easy-to-use manual press utilizes a proven hydraulic system that provides compression to produce a broad range of specimen sizes. The attractive one piece moulded cabinet complements any laboratory setting and is easy to clean and maintain. The unit can easily be moved from one work area to another and need not be anchored to the work surface for operation.

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