PA53MET-BD Metallurgical Microscope

A combination of high-technology and creativity, the Motic PA53-MET series offers superior optical performance as well as an advanced ergonomic design, futuristic digital capabilities, and innovative modules. Motic PA53-MET: Your ultimate metallurgical Optical Solution.
  • PA53MET-BD Specification Details
    Optical systemColour Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS®)
    Binocular Observation Tube (Optional)Erect type (F.N 25), 20° inclined
    Trinocular Observation TubeErect type (F.N 25), 20° inclined, Trino Light path selection: 2-step (100:0 / 0:100)
    Eyepiece(s)10X (F.N 25), Diopter adjustable, Reticle optional
    Revolving Nosepiece5-position Nosepiece for Brightfield, Darkfield objective lens with DIC slot
    Stroke range29.5 mm
    Base unit -FocusStroke range: 29.5 mm / Coarse and Fine focusing knob.
    Coarse: 17.7 mm/revolution / Fine: 0.1 mm/revolution (1 μm scale)
    Upper limit stopper, Torque adjustment ring
    Base unit - ElectronicsIntegrated power supply for light adjustment /
    LED voltage indicator /
    IL switch and ECO switch
    Length x width x height246 x 572 x 514mm
    Reflected Illumination
    BF/DFKohler illumination system / Brightfield / Darkfield, Normaski DIC, simple Polarized
    Light source12V 100W halogen
    Plan S-APO BD5X/0.15 W.D 20mm , 10X/0.3 W.D 12mm, 20X/0.45 W.D 3mm,
    50X/0.8 W.D 1mm, 100X/0.9 W.D 0.5mm (Optional)
    LPlan S-APO BD (Optional)20X/0.4 W.D 12mm, 50X/0.55 WD 8mm, 100X/0.8 W.D 3.3mm
    Stage metal plate, glass plate
    Size210 x 170mm
    Stroke X&Y104 x 102mm
    Optional Stage6x6” stage / 6x6” stage / 8” wafer stage / 12” wafer stage
  • - Binocular head with 30-degree inclined eyepieces and diopter adjustment

    - Quintuple nosepiece for up to five objective lenses

    - Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system

    - LED illumination with adjustable intensity and aperture diaphragm

    - Polarizer and analyser filters for reflected light microscopy

    - Transmitted light illuminator with adjustable aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm

    - Trinocular head option for camera attachment

  • Benefits and Advantages:

    - High-quality optics for clear and sharp imaging

    - Large working distance and depth of field for easy observation of samples

    - Wide range of magnification options, from 50x to 2000x, for versatile imaging needs

    - Reflected and transmitted light microscopy capabilities for observing opaque and transparent materials

    - Polarizing filters for analysis of birefringent materials

    - High performance illumination for bright, even lighting

    - Coaxial focusing for precise adjustments and easy operation

    - Trinocular head option for easy image capture and documentation

    - Sturdy and durable construction for long-term use

  • - Excellent resolution and contrast for clear and detailed imaging

    - High numerical aperture (NA) objectives for improved image quality

    - Apochromatic and plan objectives for minimized chromatic and spherical aberrations

    - Bright and even illumination for accurate colour representation and contrast

    - Kohler illumination for even illumination across the field of view

    - Polarizing filters for analysis of material properties


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