Used Olympus 20x Objective Mplan


Objectives MPLN20XBD OBJECTIVE N2181200
Microscopes Olympus BX and Olympus GX metallurgical infinity system.
Type of Screw Thread W26×0.706
Brightfield (Reflected) Good Brightfield (Transmitted) Good Darkfield (Reflected) Good

Used and in very good condition

  • - High numerical aperture (NA), which allows for excellent light gathering and resolution

    - Plan-achromatic design for excellent image flatness and sharpness

    - Anti-reflection coatings to minimize flare and ghosting

    - Compatible with brightfield, darkfield, and polarized light microscopy

    - Long working distance

  • - Excellent image quality with high contrast and resolution

    - Suitable for a wide range of samples, including cells, tissues, and industrial materials

    - Easy to use and maintain

    - Durable and reliable design

  • - Total length: 48 mm - Diameter of the mounting thread: 20 mm - Weight: approximately 100 g
  • The Olympus MPlan 20x objective can be used in various applications, such as:

    - Biological research: for imaging cells, tissues, and organisms

    - Pathology: for analysing tissue samples for diagnosis

    - Materials science: for inspecting industrial materials, such as metals and plastics

    - Quality control: for inspecting products for defects and inconsistencies


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