FM-LXR Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

By adopting the Load-cell load system, multi-stage load switching is possible.
The load switching work has evolved from the conventional dial operation to a smooth touch panel operation.
Any load can be selected when ordering. (within the minimum to maximum load range)
Equipped with a hardness conversion function.
During HV measurement, the conversion value to any scale can be displayed on the front panel at the same time.

  • Next-Generation Microhardness Tester.
    Built-in camera with an automatic indentation reading.


    Best performance and larger field of view is guaranteed and the high-resolution camera and dedicated software is equipped as standard.
    The indentation is displayed on the PC/tablet and automatically measured.
    Significantly reduces the burden on operators and individual differences in reading.

    Test load8 load levels for A type: 10/25/50/100/200/300/500/1000gf
    9 load levels for B type: 50/100/200/300/500/1000/2000/5000/10000gf
    * Arbitrary setting within the minimum to maximum load range is possible only at the time of shipment from the factory. Minimum set load: 1 gf for both types, maximum 20 stages can be set.
    Test load switching methodLoad-cell type
    Loading mechanismAutomatic load/hold/release method
    Load applying speed60μm/sec (Compliant standards: JIS B 7725, ISO 6507-2, ASTM E92: 15 to 70μm/sec)
    Dwell time5 ~ 999sec
    Turret mechanismRotation: Automatic / Form: 15° tilt type 6 positions
    Diamond indnterStandard1 Vickers indenter (HV)
    OptionVickers indenter (HV), Knoop indenter (HK) or Brinell indenter (HB): total 2 can be installed
    Infinity objective lensStandard2 Lenses ( X 50 & X 10)
    OptionUp to 5: (2 standard lenses + 3 additional lenses): X1.25 / X2.5 / X5 / X20 / X100
    *5 lenses + 1 indenter or 4 lenses + 2 indenters
    Automatic measurement camera deviceStandard equipment
    (Details below)
    Light sourceBuilt-in LED light source
    DimensionsW283 x D480 x H620mm
    Power supplySingle phase AC100~240V 50/60Hz

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