Motic Ba310Pol Upright Microscope

The BA310POL is a powerful Polarization microscope for transparent specimen of diverse origin. Fully integrated in Motic’s BA family of Upright microscopes, this microscope is especially meant for the examination of birefringent samples from petrography and mineralogy, but can also be used for synthetic materials like foils or fibers from industial production. The BA310POL also works well in Educational environments of material professions, where affordability and ease of use is a key issue.

    • Polariser mounted under the condenser holder rotates 360° with click stop at 90°
    • Highly stable, robust symmetrical pyramid design and T-shaped base
    • Anti-fungal chemical treatment to inhibit germs growth
    • Plan achromatic, stain-free objectives
    • One eyepiece features a crosshair reticule


    Suitable for life science, geology, material science and forensics.

  • Head30° inclined
    EyepiecesWF 10×/20 mm with pointer adjustment
    NosepieceQuadruple, reversed
    ObjectivesAchromatic 4×, 10×, 40×, 60×
    CondenserAbbe N.A. 0,90/1,25 with iris diaphragm
    Focusing systemCoaxial coarse and fine knobs

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