MDX 311 Microscope Camera WIN7

£221 £515

MDX311 employs Sony 3 MP progressive scan CMOS sensor IMX036LQR-C. USB 2.0 interface with 32 MB onboard memory make sure the camera stable and high speed data transmission. It offers 14 fps at 3 MP, 54 fps at 1024x768 and up to 61 fps at 680x480. And the built-in ISP of the camera ensures a low CPU overhead under this speed. MDX311 is based on a universal software development kit, easy to integrate.


  • Camera systems are available with a range of sensors from 3 mpixel to 14 Mpixel. The range of options designed to give the best performance with USB2 and USB3 interface and memory buffering to improve the smoothness and refresh rate of the display and live image. The MSDX offer high quality image display and capture for routine microscopy and microscope measurement with a fast refresh rate and excellent image reproduction. MDX311 is fully compatible with Windows XP (32bit), Win7 (32/64bit) OS, and support TWAIN and DirectShow interface. Equipped with SONY CMOS sensor IMX036LQR-C, MDX311 has high sensitivity. It is a rare choice for the tiny budget customers, who want to low light capturing. ​ It can also be used for other applications such as pathology, histology, metallurgy, measuring, semiconductor, material science, surface inspection, quality control etc

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