Olympus BX53M Upright Microscope

Designed with modularity in mind, the BX3M series provide versatility for a wide variety of materials science and industrial applications. With improved integration with OLYMPUS Stream software, the BX3M provides a seamless workflow for standard microscopy and digital imaging users from observation to report creation.

**All images courtesy of Olympus**

    • Mix Observation
    • Consistent Illumination
    • Stage Scale
    • Simple Aperture adjustment
    • Easily Select the Observation Method
  • Optical systemUIS2 optical system (infinity-corrected)
    Microscope frameIlluminationReflected/transmitted
    FocusStroke: 25 mm Fine stroke per rotation: 100 um Minimum graduation: 1 um With upper limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse handle
    Max. specimen height35 mm (w/o spacer) 75 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)
    Observation tubeWide-field FN 22Inverted: binocular, trinocular, tilting binocular Erect: trinocular, tilting binocular
    Super-wide-field FN 26.5Inverted: trinocular Erect: trinocular, tilting trinocular
    Reflected light illuminationTraditional observation techniqueBX3M-RLAS-S Coded, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism) BX3M-KMA-S White LED, BF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism) BX3M-RLA-S 100W/50W halogen lamp, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX/ FS, AS (with centering mechanism), BF/DF interlocking, ND filter
    FluorescenceBX3M-URAS-S Coded, 100W mercury lamp, 4 position mirror unit turret, (standard: WB, WG, WU+BF etc) With FS, AS (with centering mechanism), with shutter mechanism
    Transmitted lightWhite LED Abbe/long working distance condensers
    Revolving nosepieceFor BFSextuple, centering sextuple, septuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)
    For BF/DFSextuple, quintuple, centering quintuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)
    StageCoaxial left (right) handle stage: 7x52mm, with torque adjustment Large-size coaxial left (right) handle stage: 105x100mm, with locking mechanism in Y-axis Large-size coaxial right handle stage: 150x100mm, with torque adjustment and locking mechanism in Y-axis
    WeightApprox. 18.3 kg (Microscope frame 7.6 kg)

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