Olympus BX53M Upright Microscope

Designed with modularity in mind, the BX3M series provide versatility for a wide variety of materials science and industrial applications. With improved integration with OLYMPUS Stream software, the BX3M provides a seamless workflow for standard microscopy and digital imaging users from observation to report creation.

**All images courtesy of Olympus**

    • Mix Observation
    • Consistent Illumination
    • Stage Scale
    • Simple Aperture adjustment
    • Easily Select the Observation Method
  • Optical systemUIS2 optical system (infinity-corrected)
    Microscope frameIlluminationReflected/transmitted
    FocusStroke: 25 mm Fine stroke per rotation: 100 um Minimum graduation: 1 um With upper limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse handle
    Max. specimen height35 mm (w/o spacer) 75 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)
    Observation tubeWide-field FN 22Inverted: binocular, trinocular, tilting binocular Erect: trinocular, tilting binocular
    Super-wide-field FN 26.5Inverted: trinocular Erect: trinocular, tilting trinocular
    Reflected light illuminationTraditional observation techniqueBX3M-RLAS-S Coded, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism) BX3M-KMA-S White LED, BF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism) BX3M-RLA-S 100W/50W halogen lamp, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX/ FS, AS (with centering mechanism), BF/DF interlocking, ND filter
    FluorescenceBX3M-URAS-S Coded, 100W mercury lamp, 4 position mirror unit turret, (standard: WB, WG, WU+BF etc) With FS, AS (with centering mechanism), with shutter mechanism
    Transmitted lightWhite LED Abbe/long working distance condensers
    Revolving nosepieceFor BFSextuple, centering sextuple, septuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)
    For BF/DFSextuple, quintuple, centering quintuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)
    StageCoaxial left (right) handle stage: 7x52mm, with torque adjustment Large-size coaxial left (right) handle stage: 105x100mm, with locking mechanism in Y-axis Large-size coaxial right handle stage: 150x100mm, with torque adjustment and locking mechanism in Y-axis
    WeightApprox. 18.3 kg (Microscope frame 7.6 kg)
  • UIS2 optical system delivers bright and clear images with accurate colour reproduction Super-widefield eyepieces provide a large field of view for easier observation Motorized nosepiece and focus allow for quick and easy switching between magnifications and focus depths LED illumination is energy-efficient and provides consistent lighting Trinocular observation head allows for the attachment of a camera for image documentation and analysis
  • The UIS2 optical system and high-quality optics provide excellent resolution, contrast, and color fidelity, resulting in highly accurate and precise imaging. The LED illumination system provides bright, even illumination with minimal heat output, reducing the risk of specimen damage. The combination of high-quality optics and advanced imaging technology results in exceptional optical performance that is ideal for a wide range of research applications, including life sciences, materials science, and more.

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