Olympus BX60M Upright Microscope with BF/DF


High performance and high specification Olympus metallurgical microscope with Brightfield, Darkfield,  lenses Semi apochromats.
Available with high performance camera systems with full range of image analysis options.
5,10,20 50x Objectives, 10 x eyepieces

  • The BX60M maintains the traditional contrast methods of conventional microscopy, such as bright field, darkfield, polarized light, and differential interference contrast. As new materials are developed, many of the difficulties associated with detecting defects using standard contrast methods can be solved using advanced microscopy techniques for more accurate and reliable inspections. New illumination techniques and options for image acquisition within OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software give users more choices of how to evaluate their samples and document findings. In addition, the BX60M also accommodates larger-size, heavier, and more specialised samples than conventional models. Taken from Olympus BX53 catalogue
  • Olympus BX60M reflected light microscope with DIC, polarization 

    This microscope includes the following Equipment:

    • U-ETR-4 trinocular phototube
    • UIS2 WHN10x / 22 eyepieces
    • Universal filter cube changer U-URBC
    • Reflector module BF U-MBF
    • DIC prism slider U-DICR
    • U-AN360 analyzer can be rotated through 360 °
    • U-PO polarizer
    • 5-slot objective nosepiece U-D5BDRE
    • UMPlanFL 5x / 0.15 BD objective
    • UMPlanFL 10x / 0.25 BD objective
    • UMPlanFL 20x / 0.40 BD objective
    • UMPlanFL 50x / 0.80 BD objective
    • U-LH100L light source

    Good used condition, optics flawless

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