Olympus GX53 Inverted Microscope

The GX53 inverted microscope is used for a wide range of applications often seen in the steel, automotive, electronics, and other manufacturing industries.
The microscope enables users to inspect polished metals and cross-section samples simply by placing them upside down on the stage. The sample does not need to be leveled and can be thick, large, or heavy.
The GX53 delivers crisp images that can be difficult to capture using conventional microscopy observation methods. When combined with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software, the microscope streamlines the inspection process from observation to image analysis and reporting.

    • Fast inspections
    • Advanced functionality
    • User friendly
    • Advanced imaging technology
    • Optical system - UIS2
    • Observation Method - Reflected light brightfield observation, reflected light simple polarizing observation
    • Reflected light illumination - White LED, halogen, mercury lamp BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX
    • Transmitted light illumination - White LED, halogen BF/POL
    • Magnification switching method - Nosepiece system
    • Eyepiece observation - 17,600-146.666um (12.5x-1,500x)
    • Number of attachable objectives - 4-7
    • Stopper - AS, FS
    • Manual stage: Travel range - 50x50mm
    • Max sample capacity - 5Kg
    • Dimensions - 280x627x425mm
    • Weight - 25Kg

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