Olympus SZX10 Stereo Microscope

The Olympus SZX10 is a stereo microscope that has been designed for advanced research. It has great resolution with 600 line pairs per millimetre.
The Olympus SZX10 provides a zoom ratio of 10:1. With a broad range of objectives it is a fully modular system offering a range of options. Its compatibility with different imaging devices enables various application-dedicated configurations in materials science.

    • Superior resolution
    • High numerical aperture
    • Large field of view
    • Long working distance
    • Ergonomic zoom and focus knobs
    • Slim design illumination stand
    • Optical System - Galilean
    • Observation Tube - Binocular/trinocular/tilting trinocular
    • Zoom ratio - 10
    • Zoom range - 0.63-6.3x
    • Dimensions - 285x335x403mm
    • Weight - 7Kg

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