OmegaBelt T Linisher Grinder

The OmegaBelt T is a wet linishing machine designed for maximum stock removal of metallurgical and metal samples with water cooling to protect the structural integrity. The twin machine allows for a course side and a fine side grinding belt to be installed thus speeding up the preparation process. This system is designed for deburring and heavy grinding prior to medium and fine grinding.

    • The twin belt grinder can be used with a belt size 915 x 100mm we offer a grit size which ranges from P60 to P180 these are available to purchase through this website.
    • Water cooling of the sample during the grinding operation helps to prevent overheating of the sample and maintain sample integrity.
    • A powerful three phase motor allows large samples to be linished, this is a heavy duty machine.
    • Twin system, two grinding belts
    • Water cooling
    • Belt centering control
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Belt size 100 x 915mm
    • Spindle speed 1400 RPM
    • Water valve control on both belts.
    • Safety electical interlock system
    • Sizes 630x250x520mm

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