OmegaPol Auto 300mm

The OmegaPol Auto metallurgical polisher offers the most advanced technology and parameter control for metallurgical sample preparation. With the ability to polish single samples and upto 5 samples in a range of diameters from 25mm to 50mm so offers exceptional operator controls. The system is programmed using the touch screen interface, operation is simple with parameters stored in the system memory. A high torque motor and compressed air head offers auto locking and pressure control on your samples. Process parameters can be programmed and saved to allow ease of usage.

  • Process parameters can be programmed and saved to allow ease of usage.

    Metallurgical sample preparation is carried out on sectioned and potted samples. The metallurgical sample is wet ground using grades of abrasive to eventually produce a very fine grinding pattern on the sample. The sample will then be polished using particular loads and speeds to produce a sample perfectly prepared samples for optical microscopy.

    • Automatic preparation system
    • Storage of parameters
    • Programming of doser for polishing media
    • Touch screen
    • Intuitive controls
    • Emergency Stop
    • Variable Speed - 50-600rpm
    • Platen size - 10" or 12"
    • No. Of samples - 5
    • Horse Power - 1HP
    • Independent Polishing Head Motor - ¼Hp
    • Electronic Control with LC - Display with Digital timer
    • Variable force - 1 to 4 bar
    • With Interchangeable - 1¼” , 1½” 2" Mould sizes
    • Single Pressure Specimen loading - Pneumatically applied
    • Multiple Moulds Design - 1¼" standard
    • Polishing Head with Single Central Specimen loading - Pneumatically applied
    • Power Supply - 230V / 50Hz ( Single Phase + Neutral + Earth)
    • Size - 900x500x650mm (L x W x H)

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