Omegapress 1 H Auto - Specimen Mounting Press

Metallurgical mounting press range with pneumatic pressure and hydraulic pressure options. A range of high specification and budget mounting presses available with full backup and support.
For the encapsulation of hot mounts in thermosetting and thermoplastic resins used in metallurgical sample preparation. Advanced machines offer intelligent programmable cycles for thermoplastic resin systems to give crystal clear hot mounts suitable for metallurgical investigations. This machine will require a water supply.
  • OMEGAPRESS 1H Auto - Corrosion resistant steel Cabinet with built in Hydraulic system.

    • Digital Temperature Indicator and digital timer with LCD Display System
    • Hydraulic Fully Automatic system
    • Stainless steel body Pressure Gauge system
    • Quick Ram return to speed up reloading
    • 1500-Watt mould Heater
    • Dovetail slot for easy changeability of Mould Assemblies
    • Water Cooling System (Automatic)
    • Timer-Buzzer indication for heating and cooling cycles
    • Wide range of sample sizes can be accommodated
    • Dimensions - 490x620x590mm

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