Presi Mecatech 250 SPI/SPC/DPC

The Mecatech 250 SPI, SPC and DPC can be equipped with platens from 200 to 250mm in diameter, the new range of Mechatech automatic polishing machines has the most advanced technologies. The machines feature an LCD touchscreen display with an ergonomic and intuitive user interface. An emergency stop button is also present. This is a great safety feature for the machine in case of emergency. This series of machine also have an automatic drying function at 600RPM.


* The video show the 300 machine which can hold upto 8 samples, the 250 can hold upto 4 samples

  • FeaturesSPISPCDPC
    LCD Touchscreen DisplayYesYesYes
    Emergency Stop ButtonYesYesYes
    Ergonomic and intuitive UIYesYesYes
    No. of platens112
    No. of motors112
    Removable bowl(s)112
    No. of pistons466
  • Specifications SPI SPC DPC
    Water Inlet 12mm 12mm 12mm
    Water Outlet 32mm 32mm 32mm
    Compressed Air 10mm 10mm 10mm
    Platen Diameters 200-250mm 200-250mm 200-250mm
    Rotation Speed 20-700RPM 20-700RPM 20-700RPM
    Power Supply 230v 230v 230v
    Pressure Individual Individual and central Individual
    Motor Power 750W 750W 2x750W
    Dimensions 510x810x665mm 510x810x665mm 920x735x665mm
    Weight 73Kg 73Kg 98Kg

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