Presi Vibrotech 300

The Vibrotech 300 is a vibration polisher with a diameter of 305mm. It is made with robust, industrial grade materials and components.
The machine features an LCD touchscreen display with an ergonomic and intuitive user interface.

PRESI developed a system allowing the VIBROTECH to transmit very little vibration to the work surface, which provides significant silence in a laboratory environment.

    • LCD touchscreen display
    • Ergonomic and intuitive user interface
    • Transparent hood
    • Preserved samples
    • Silent operation
    • Clockwise rotation
    • Adjustable vibration frequency and amplitude
    • Polishing Bowl Diameter - 308mm
    • Platen Size - 300mm
    • Vibration Frequency - 80-110Hz
    • Vibration bowl power - 519W
    • Power Supply - 230v
    • Dimensions - 715x396x554mm
    • Weight - 90Kg

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