SM2000 Vacuum Impregnation Unit

SM-2000 Vacuum inlaying is a device specially designed for cold mounting of sample. By sucking out air from the sample and the inlaying material, all gas can be extracted. The empty holes inside the sample will be filled by the inlaying resin so no cracks will occur between the resin and the sample. The device is efficient and convenient to use.

    • It facilitates superior, quick and efficient impregnation for porous materials such as failure analysis specimens with cracks, porous casts and composites, rocks, minerals, ceramics and spray coatings
    • Inlet tube for trouble free filling of the mounting cups without spilling
    • Easy to read display for user friendly operation
    • Transparent lid for a clear view during impregnation
    • Practical mounting cup holder with the facility to accommodate at least give mounting cups of 30mm size

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