Vacuum Impregnation for cold epoxy resin mounting of metallurgical samples

Vacuum impregnation is used for improving the quality of preparation on porous and friable samples. This systems allows the moulding of upto 6 samples with the innovative directional nozzle. The system includes a high quality vacuum pump for producing pressures down to 110 torr. The gauge displays the vacuum pressure and there is a release valve for completion of cycle.
A full range of resin and accessory options are available and we are pleased to support your requirements.

    • 360 degree joy stick to enable adjustment to any position freely
    • Quick connector with main power switch and built-in fuse wire devices
    • Vacuum pump allows for silent operation with an effective pump speed of 50L/min and Vacuum pressure of -650mm/Hg
    • Transparent cove vacuum room allowing for acute observation
    • High capacity for mould
    • Vacuum Pressure - 650 mm-Hg (110Torr)
    • Horse Power - 180w
    • Power Supply - 220v
    • Vacuum Size - 160x160mm
    • Machine Size - 480x400x400mm
    • Weight - 40kg

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