Zeiss Microscope Objective Lens 5x


We off a range of used Zeiss Objectives for microscopy these have all been cleaned and tested. 
Zeiss Microscope Planchromat-HD 5x/0.10 infinity, thread 30mm, Thread RMS If you would like additional information or photographs please let us know.

  • The refractive index of a glass is not equal throughout all of its wavelengths, it is greater in the shorter wavelengths and less in the longer wavelengths. This results in light being focused to a number of points dependent upon the wavelength – blue focused nearer to the lens than red. Optical glasses also have different refractive indices and dispersion (variation in refractive index with wavelength) and by the combination of lenses of differing optical properties in the system it is possible to limit the effect of the aberration.

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