MetCut 300 Cutting Machine

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The MetCut 300 Metallurgical abrasive cutting machine for sectioning of samples such as heat treatment samples. The MetCut 300 metallurgical abrasive cutter uses a 250mm abrasive wheel and can cut samples up to 75mm diameter. The machine can be equipped with a recirculation tank and twin vices to offer a high quality abrasive cutting machine.

When servicing these machines on site we see them in all kind of conditions most of them are often clean and reasonable, but you do come across a minority in very poor condition.

We often find the clamps seized up and the odd coolant hose snapped from a build-up of dirt in the chamber. This causes the filter in the coolant tank to block and need replacing. At Spectrographic we have all of these items in stock so when we go out on a service parts can be replaced and installed immediately.

After the service or repair a full report is sent out detailing the work our service engineers completed and any recommendations for the future care and maintenance of your equipment. You will be glad to hear that we also stock Cut off Wheels and Anti Rush Cutting Fluid in our Online Store. A yearly service carried out by professionals at Spectrographic will help prevent a build up of technical issues with your machine and keep it at it’s best now and for years to come!

To request a service please complete our Request Form online, Email: or call us on 01274 966173