NAPPUL (S) 1 to 1/10 micron

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Course polish of ferrous materials

The PUL range of polishing cloth offer fixation to a magnetic system which are steel backed or magnetic backed. This allows for easy interchange of the polishing cloths between polishing stages.

The NapPul is a very soft dense napp used for finishing with fine diamond or sub micron slurry polish.The system  incorporates a special synthetic barrier with steel/magnetic backing for magnetic fixation.  This offers high stock removal rates when used with 6 to 1 micron media.

  • Sizes available 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
  • Quantity – Pack of 5

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NAPPUL Polishing cloth 200mm S (5), NAPPUL Polishing cloth 250mm S (5), NAPPUL Polishing cloth 300mm S (5)